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Hello, my name is Andrew Sharapko.
My company Matchmove Machine providing 3D Camera tracking services.

I have a big experience as:
- Musician

- Music Videos Director
- Producer
- On-set Supervisor
- Digital Compositor
- Matchmove Artist
- Motion Designer

My passion is creating audiovisual shows and stories using music, visual effects, 3D mapping/projections, lighting, set design and choreography.
My Report about miniature shooting technology.
Inside this document you will discover how we shoot 1:16 tanks models to make them heavy and realistic.
And of course how to shoot and match original footage with minuature battleground
I`m happy to finally offer our with product -
Magnetic XYZ.Distortion Grid. 
Size - 47x24inch(120x62cm)
Thickness - 0.028inch(0.7mm) 
With magnetic plate 
Water, scratch and bending resistance 
Matte finish 
Comes with magnetic stickers for additional info 
Shipping all of the world 
Cost - 60$ 
Feel free to ask me any questions via messages
My debut Music Video for my band as a:
  - Producer
  - Director
  - Art-Director
  - Editor
  - Digital Compositor for sure =)
Also you can check teaser for this release (all was done by myself excluding DOP)
Nektar Frames is our digital creative agency specialized in:
- tour visuals (videowalls)
- 3d mapping
- lighting show
- motion graphics for TV shows, festivals, live events, ceremonies, opera and theater perfomances, music video shootings
VFX Supervisor for Falling in Reverse music video, directed by Jensen Noen
Thanks Jensen Noen for the trust, Falling In Reverse for the great music and all team for professionalism, passion and great vibe on set!
And thanks to all people who agreed to die for this MV. Hope, that your bodies is properly stored after this!
My new music video for Unicorn Skull (LA based Dj and musician)
- Produced
- Directed
- Edited
- Color corrected.
And played drums for this song for sure =)
Music video for LA based DJ Duo Dr. Cool X Babe 
- Produced
- Directed
- Edited
- VFX - Nektar Frames
Music video for my band Kill City Kills 
- Produced
- Directed
- Edited
- VFX - Nektar Frames
My online course about digital compositing, on-set supervising, 3D camera tracking and matchmoving now is available (RUS language) on our website
My first video as a Producer for SQWOZ BAB HLEB directed by Alone Creator
- 18 hours of shootings with planned overtimes
- 4 different locations with whole crew relocating
- 31 people in crew
Music video for my band Kill City Kills 
- Produced
- Directed
- Edited
- VFX - Nektar Frames
Music video for my band Kill City Kills with huge love to W.A.S.P.
- Produced
- Directed
- Edited
- VFX - Nektar Frames
Music video for my band Kill City Kills
- Produced
- Directed
- Edited
Videowalls - Nektar Frames
Travis Scott x Nike Air Jordan 6 "Cactus Jack" shoes commercial breakdown for 50 Stars Cinema
Software used: PFTrack, Unreal Engine, After Effects

Post-production time - 2 days!

2 500 000 views in first 2 days!

This video was selected as Best Product Video by DesignRush 
Take a seat for this one-way ride. Save KCK or leave us to die. Are you ready to choose our destiny in new interactive music video for my band Kill City Kills?
- Produced
- Directed
- Edited
- Color Corrected
Video was shoot on LED wall using Unreal Engine nDisplay technology.
Watch it on YouTube or YouTube mobile app to get full experience
"We know your bad intentions need a spark"

Here is a music video for our new single Children of the Dark.
- Produced

- Directed
- Edited
- Color Corrected
"When heathens are crying out our names, among the fallen we burst up in flames"

New music video for our new single Waking the Fallen.

- Directed
- Edited
- Color Corrected
My work for the 1/2 final of the ArtMasters competition 
We had 4 days to create a teaser for the non-existing music video.
This video was shoot in Tbilisi, Georgia

- Produced
- Directed
- Edited
"Help people so passionately that they begin to help others"

My work for the finals of the ArtMasters competition 
2 days for the Pre-Production, 1 day for shooting and 2 days for the final delivery.

- Directed
- Edited
Matchmove machine - my company for 3D tracking and Matchmoving services for Feature Films, Music Videos, Commercials and TV Shows

Our main directions:
- Camera tracking
- Matchmoving
- Object tracking
- Layout
- On-set supervising
- VFX Pre-production
- Photogrammetry
2023 (spring)
Series of a lessons for the VFX-artist course.
Teaching students of how to use Nuke in VFX pipeline: render passes, precomps, color correction and grading, cleanup and tracking 
Teacher | Co-founder
"Awesome Supershot" is my basic online course where i share my experience as a digital compositor, on-set supervisor and matchmove artist
2019 (autumn)
Teacher (Post-Production 2.0)
One of the most popular schools of CG, VFX and Motion-design in Russia
Teacher (CG, VFX)
St.Petersburg State University of Film and Television
Co-founder | Tutorial maker
Russian CG community
On-set supervisor | Compositor | Motion designer
Starting a new TV show
On-set supervisor | Compositor | Production director
Commercials for big companies, such as RZD,
banks, retail groups and Sochi 2014 winter games
Motion designer
Infographics for TV channel`s news
3D Camera tracking and Matchmoving for Feature Films, Music Videos, Commercials, TV Shows.
Virtual Production developer & Co-Founder
We create virtual sets in realtime using Unreal Engine and camera tracking systems
Digital creative agency specialized in tour visuals, videowalls, 3d mapping, lighting show and motion graphics for TV shows, festivals, live events, ceremonies, opera and theater performances, music video shootings
Teacher (On-set supervising)
Russian VFX school
On-set supervisor | R&D | Matchmove artist | Compositor | Motion control development
SFX for "Panfilov`s 28" movie.
Pre-production + production + post-production
On-set supervisor | Compositor
CG for films and TV series
Motion designer | Compositor | Editor
YouTube virus marketing videos, music videos and shows


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